Is Zari Hassan true or false about skin whitening? Age Height and body measurements

Check out “Is Zari Hassan’s Skin Bleaching Claim True or False?” Some have questioned the authenticity of the Zari Hassan Skin Bleaching rumors. The Ugandan socialite has repeatedly addressed these claims, leading some to doubt their veracity.

Currently residing in South Africa, Zarinah Hassan is a Ugandan socialite, musician, businesswoman, and actress known as Zari the Boss Lady.

She is the heiress and CEO of Brooklyn City College (BCC), a progressive and diverse educational institute.

BCC was founded by her late husband, Ivan Ssemwanga. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to education have played an important role in his career path.

Is Zari Hassan true or false about skin whitening?

Recently, Zari Hassan, known as Zari the Boss Lady, has been the subject of rumors regarding alleged skin whitening.

Following her appearance on Netflix’s popular reality show “Young, Famous and African,” the actress addressed the speculation.

In an Instagram Story, the musician shared photos from her teenage years to show off her lighter complexion.

To provide context and back up his claims, Hassan revealed that his grandfather was of Indian descent.

Additionally, she reiterated that she has no hard feelings towards people who bleach their skin.

Zari Hassan Skin Whitening
Zari Hassan, a Ugandan socialite, is a businesswoman with many interests and fields. (Source: TUKO)

In response to her fans, the businesswoman expressed her frustration, “This is me during my broke but still pretty days with bad cameras and no filter.

Enough with the bleaching stories. My grandfather was smh indian!! She concluded by adding, “Ps: I have no problem with women who do.”

Her clarification on the matter aims to dispel rumors surrounding Zari Hassan’s skin bleaching allegations and shed light on her background.

Zari Hassan Age And Height

Zari the Boss Lady was born on September 23, 1978 in Jinja, Uganda. In 2023, she is 44 years old.

Her diverse heritage comes from her Indian maternal grandfather, her Ugandan grandmother, her Somali paternal grandmother and her Burundian grandfather.

Growing up, the socialite had four siblings: Zuleha, Asha, Zara, and Abdul Karim Hassan. Sadly, she experienced the loss of her mother, Halima Hassan, in July 2017 due to heart failure.

The musician attended Jinja Girls High School, where she actively participated in music, drama and dance groups, winning back-to-back Best Actress awards.

After graduating from high school, she moved to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, where she started performing karaoke at various establishments and made a significant income.

Zari Hassan family
Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan enjoys photo moments with her children at home. (Source: Facebook)

She then pursued a cosmetology degree in the UK before returning to Uganda to establish her business empire.

The actress shared that she stands tall at 5’1″. Due to her size, she decided to forego bodybuilding in gyms to avoid any potential embarrassment, humorously referring to the “dwarf lady” to remedy the height difference.

Zari Hassan Body Measurements

Unfortunately, no specific information regarding Zari’s body measurements is available. Although she is a well-known public figure, details regarding her exact body measurements have not been leaked or widely reported.

As a private person, Zari has the right to maintain her privacy regarding her physical attributes. Therefore, at present, there is no accessible information regarding his body measurements.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan is a Ugandan socialite. (Source: LifeStyle UG)

It is important to respect the privacy of individuals when it comes to personal information that they choose not to share publicly.

Hassan’s talents and accomplishments go beyond her physical appearance as she has made a significant impact in music, business and entertainment.

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