Is Wendy Shay pregnant? (All the details)

Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay is pregnant, but how true are these so-called key points?

Is Wendy Shay really pregnant? We’ve got all the essentials gathered below; what sparked the so-called rumors and why is it trending?.

So all the essentials started from a message that a surfer posted online.

The message said:

“Oh, wait! Wendy Shay [email protected]?”

Is Wendy Shay pregnant?

Internet users also reacted:


“I wouldn’t be surprised if she is indeed pregnant, she hasn’t been active like she was before.”


“What is your problem if our queen of Ghanaian music is pregnant. Did you see her at the VGMA?

Apart from this, it is believed that the Ghanaian music empress is also working on her new music project.

She has also been spotted touring cities across the country.


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