Is stretching really a form of exercise?

Stretching is a form of exercise, not just a warm-up or cool-down activity for cardio training. In an interview with Better by Today, stretching coach Brad Walker explains, “Stretching is a simple and effective activity that helps improve athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, and help with rehabilitation after injury. »

There are two main types of stretching – dynamic and static. Dynamic stretches involve movements that activate your muscles by improving speed and dexterity. Some examples are walking lunges, high kicks, and jump squats. Static stretches stretch the muscles and hold that position to improve flexibility. Touching your toes and reaching for the sky are basic static stretches. In an interview with Well + Good, certified personal trainer Xtina Jensen says, despite its benefits, “you won’t find stretching alone to be a great form of exercise.” In fact, just sticking to a rigorous stretching routine can lead to joint looseness, which can lead to injury. So what’s the best way to incorporate stretching into your fitness life?

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