Is Litvinenko Based on True Story? Plot and Cast


Litvinenko is an enthralling television mini-series consisting of four parts, meticulously created by Tiger Aspect for ITVX. The series showcases the exceptional talent of David Tennant, who brilliantly portrays the character of Alexander Litvinenko, while Margarita Levieva delivers a captivating performance as Marina Litvinenko. The series is masterfully directed by Jim Field Smith, and the compelling script is penned by George Kay.

The highly anticipated premiere of Litvinenko captivated audiences on December 15, 2022. Viewers were captivated by the mesmerizing storyline and the powerful performances displayed throughout the series.

Is Litvinenko Based on True Story?

Yes. ITV’s gripping four-part drama series, which is based on the real-life poisoning of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, is set to premiere on ITV1 at 9 pm on June 19.

Viewers can anticipate subsequent episodes airing at the same time, one episode per day, until June 22, as the story unfolds.

The series delves into the harrowing events surrounding Litvinenko’s poisoning in 2006, providing a glimpse into the subsequent police investigation and his wife’s relentless pursuit of justice.

Taking on the titular role is the talented David Tennant, whose compelling portrayal adds depth and intensity to the character. Margarita Levieva, an accomplished American actress, stars as Marina, Alexander Litvinenko’s devoted wife, who becomes a central figure in the aftermath of the incident.

Prepare to be captivated by this thought-provoking series as it sheds light on a significant real-life event, offering a powerful exploration of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of truth.


Litvinenko 2023 Release Date

ITV has, at last, announced the official broadcast date for the factual drama series “Litvinenko,” starring David Tennant. Despite the series having been available on the ITVX streaming service for six months, it will now air on ITV1. The four-part drama will grace our screens on consecutive nights, commencing on Monday, June 19th, at 9 pm. Additionally, a documentary special titled “Litvinenko: The Mayfair Poisoning” will follow on Friday, June 23rd, at the same time.

Written by George Kay, known for his work on the acclaimed series “Lupin,” the drama delves into the true events surrounding the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into the tragic poisoning of the eponymous Russian defector in 2006. As the story unfolds, viewers will witness the relentless efforts of the police to uncover the truth and identify those responsible for his untimely demise.

Litvinenko Cast

Cast Name

Character Name

Mark Bonnar Clive Timmons
David Tennant Alexander Litvinenko
Neil Maskell Detective Inspector Brent Hyatt
Barry Sloane DS Jim Dawson
Margarita Levieva Marina Litvinenko
Stephen Campbell Moore Ben Emmerson
Daniel Ryan DAC Peter Clarke
Richard Pepper DCI Duncan Ball
Sam Troughton Detective Inspector Brian Tarpey
Maggie Evans Professor Pat Troop
Joanna Kanska Nika Privalova
Mark Ivanir Alexender Goldfarb
Zoe Telford Ingrid Campbell
Greg Kolpakchi Oscar Enrique
Sarah Naudi Justine Adams
Selina Cadell Louise Christiansen
Sam Marks Oliver Gadney
Radosław Kaim Andrey Lugovoy
Simon Haines Dr Benjamin Swift
Simon Paisley Day Sir John Scarlett
Aleksandar Mikić (Character name not provided)
Kayla Meikle Deborah Maxwell

Litvinenko Plot

This compelling dramatization immerses viewers in the arduous ten-year battle between Marina Litvinenko and the London police force. Together, they embark on a relentless quest to unveil the truth, meticulously gather evidence, and hold accountable those responsible for the tragic poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.

With unwavering determination, their tireless pursuit seeks not only to establish the guilt of the perpetrators but also to bring their identities to light, ensuring that justice is served and the world is made aware of their actions.

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