Is Carson on Survivor gay or straight? Is he in a relationship with someone?

Is Carson on Survivor gay or straight? Carson Garett was a contestant on the 44th season of the hit TV show Survivor. His sexual orientation has been rumored.

Many viewers have speculated that he might be gay due to the closeness he displays with the show’s male contestants. A lot of speculation and speculation has been circulating regarding Carson’s sexuality, but it shouldn’t be taken as fact.

Who is Carson Garrett?

Carson Garrett has what it takes to be a serious contender in Survivor. He is cultured, friendly and muscular ahead of the season 44 trip to Fiji. Carson, the youngest player in Survivor 44 at 20, should be severely underestimated as he strategizes to outsmart and eliminate the other members of his tribe.

Carson Garrett Early Life

Carson grew up in Rome, although he currently resides in Atlanta. The first celebration in Episode 1 was held in his hometown and he returned to attend. Carson hosted an Instagram-documented celebration for friends, family, and Survivor fans.

Carson works as an intern in the aerospace engineering department at Johnson Space Center. His LinkedIn profile says he’s been interning there since August 2022. Carson participated in NASA’s Workforce Development Program for two semesters before appearing on Survivor.

Does Carson on Survivor Gay?

Carson from Survivor 44 is not gay. Fans have long questioned Carson’s sexuality due to his silence about his love life. Rumors that Carson is gay began on the first episode of The Survivor Show when he shocked viewers by admitting he never had a girlfriend. But it is not known whether he has ever dated a man or not.

Garrett recently said he doesn’t have a girlfriend because there are almost twice as many men as women at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he is a student. According Garrett’s tweethis school’s male to female ratio explains why he’s single.

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Who is Carson currently dating?

Carson, a “Survivor 44” contestant, is currently not in a relationship. Carson, as far as we know, is currently available for dating. But it looks like her love life has improved dramatically thanks to this season of Survivor. Fans were surprised when Carson admitted in the pilot that he never had a girlfriend.

In response to the overwhelming number of direct messages he received after revealing his single status on national television, Chaotic Carson tweeted, “Note to future Survivor players: do not announce on national television that you are single. ; I will never be able to reply to all my DMs again lol (and I hate having unread messages lmao).

Does Carson on Survivor Gay?

Since Carson is a NASA engineering student and a self-proclaimed “space nerd,” we highly doubt dating is his top priority. After entering Survivor, he kept his personal life largely under wraps. Yet he makes time for his loved ones, explores breathtaking natural spaces, and seeks cosmic explanations through science and technology.

Carson said in his preseason interview that he loves “3D printing, Settlers of Catan, photography, Minecraft, strategy board games, space/engineering YouTube videos, and Civilization V,” but not dating. Maybe after this season of Survivor things will change!


It’s possible that Carson, like many of the other young Survivor contestants, will find love after the final airings. Survivor 42 winner Maryanne Oketch has admitted on camera that she has a crush on Zach Wurtenberger. While Maryanne and Zach developed a strong friendship, she was also contacted and started dating a guy named Konner Howell. Maybe the same thing will happen to Carson.


Carson Garett is a strong contestant on Survivor 44, but his sexual orientation has been the subject of speculation due to his closeness to the show’s male contestants. He is not gay and is not currently in a relationship. Chaotic Carson has kept his personal life largely under wraps, but may find love after this season of Survivor.

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