Is Carrot Top gay? The real reason behind the rumors

Carrot Top is the stage name of American comedian and actor Scott Thompson. His use of props helped him gain fame in the Las Vegas comedy industry.

Like many other stand-up comedians, he got his start performing for intimate gatherings of friends and family. Her appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” changed her life after she struggled to gain notoriety. This cameo gave him access to a wider audience and helped pave the way for future opportunities.

Speculation surrounding Carrot Top’s sexuality has recently exploded in popularity. Only a select few consider him gay, while others insist he is straight. Some people think he is equally interested in both genders.

A thorough investigation will reveal if the rumors are valid or just clickbait for influencers. Let’s examine it!

Who is Carrot Top?

American actor and stand-up comedian Scott Thompson, better known by his stage name, Carrot Top. His use of props in jokes made him famous.

Carrot Top from previous years

Thompson was born in Rockledge, Florida, but spent much of his childhood in Cocoa. He is the youngest of his father’s NASA engineer children. While attending Cocoa High School, he was a member of marching bands and orchestras, where he played drums. It was in 1983 that he finished his studies.

is carrot gay

He was given the nickname “Carrot Top” by a swimming instructor in his hometown due to his distinctive red hair. In the late 1980s, Thompson was working as a mortgage courier. He attended Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton after graduating from high school. Thompson performed his first stand-up comedy act in school as a freshman.

Is Carrot Top gay?

No, Carrot Top is not gay. Many fans of the actor and comedian assume he is gay due to his penchant for eyeliner and curly hair. Carrot, aka Scott Thompson, grew a Van Dyke beard for performances and experimented with facial hair in his spare time.

The rock ‘n’ roll eyeliner, which is actually a theatrical makeup he applies in the morning before red carpets, helps him continue to stand out from afar. He is consistently one step ahead of the fashion curve. Just being a man who wears eyeliner is not proof that he is gay. Due to the degendered nature of the fashion industry, men are free to creatively express themselves in any way they see fit.

Wearing eyeliner or other cosmetics does not automatically qualify a man as gay. This is a clear sign that he loves applying cosmetics. A lot of people assume Carrot Top is gay because he’s still single at 58. And he doesn’t share the details of his love life with his fans too often.

If any of his fans are reading this, they might conclude that they are gay. Recent speculation, however, suggests that he is definitely seeing a woman, making it very obvious that he is not gay.

The real reason behind the rumors

Carrot Top’s sexuality has been rumored for two separate reasons. Can you predict the first explanation, which is completely ridiculous? It’s her fashion statement, after all. Carrot Top is known for her quirky fashion sense and her long, bright red hair. He frequently tints and plucks his eyebrows.

Fans believe that the many instances in which he opts for a more feminine aesthetic could be indicators of his hidden sexuality. It’s conceivable that fans would be misled about his true orientation given the widespread acceptance of his current style of clothing among gay celebrities.

is carrot gay

The second reason many think he’s gay is because of his real name. Carrot Top fans know his first name is Scott Thompson. Another famous comedian and actor with the same name prefers to work only with male colleagues.

They were often confused with each other because they shared a name and a line of work. Scott Thompson, a self-identified gay man from North Bay, Canada, doesn’t write behind a pen name. Even though they are both doctors with the same last name, they are not the same person and do not share a sexual orientation.

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Since Carrot Top doesn’t like to talk about his personal life on his show and often makes jokes about LGBT rumours, it’s safe to assume he’s heterosexual. His long and successful career makes it highly unlikely that he is gay, given that he has never been linked to any guy.

Who is Carrot Top currently dating?

Carrot fans might not realize he has a girlfriend named Amanda Lorraine Hogan because he rarely talks about it. He first appeared on Hogan’s page on March 25, 2015, so they’ve been dating for at least that long.

However, she maintains a private account. According to her posts, she has been planning to showcase her pasture boards since 2019. When she’s not pursuing her interest in cooking, she makes pottery which she sells on Etsy. His date of birth in August 1983 now makes him 39 years old. Carrot is 58, so there is a significant age gap.


There are many whose narrow viewpoints cause them to judge the couple harshly because of their age gap. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that love is love. Neither of them mentioned when or how they started dating, which was unfortunate. However, their first social media exchanges probably took place in 2015.


Scott Thompson is an American comedian and actor known for his use of props in jokes. Rumors surrounding his sexuality have recently exploded, but further investigation will reveal if these rumors are valid.

Carrot Top’s sexuality has been rumored due to his fashion statement and first name, but recent speculation suggests he is not gay. Carrot Top is unlikely to be gay due to his long and successful career, but he does have a girlfriend named Amanda Lorraine Hogan who has been dating for at least that long.

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