I’m jealous of fools – Wanlov

Ghanaian musician and fashion icon, Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu popularly known as Wanlov the Kubolor has made a startling revelation that he envies people with mental disorders.

In a recent interview with Doreen Abanema Abayaa on Talkertainment, Wanlov expressed his desire to walk around naked, just like some people with intellectual disabilities do without facing any criticism.

“I’m jealous of crazy people. I’m like, why are you walking around naked and nobody cares? People would stop caring if I did it now… [pause]…maybe if I did it for a long time,” Wanlov said.

However, he understands that his behavior could get him in trouble with the law. The musician even joked that he needed enough money to pay a fine to the police in case he was arrested for public nudity.

“I think I need to have enough money in case I get arrested for public nudity. Until they realize I might have a mental problem, they won’t leave me alone “, he added.

Wanlov went further, suggesting he might have to fake mental illness to avoid prosecution.

Additionally, Wanlov explained why he prefers to wear minimalist clothes.

He said the human body is like an air conditioning system that works through sweat, and when the breeze comes in contact with the sweat, it quickly cools the body.

However, when someone wears clothes and the wind blows against the sweat-soaked clothes, the effect is not the same.

Wanlov’s comments sparked a debate on social media, with some people questioning the relevance of his desire to walk around naked.

Others expressed support for the musician, citing freedom of expression and the need to challenge societal norms.

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Source: OccupyGh.net

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