“If You Must Commit Fraud, Target Corrupt Politicians.”

A prominent Catholic priest in Nigeria, Reverend Father Chinenye Oluoma, has expressed his extreme condemnation of young Nigerians who engage in “Yahoo Yahoo” internet scam.

Fr. Oluoma spoke to his congregation and emphasized his worry about the harm that such immoral actions could cause to both the perpetrators and their victims.

The sermon struck a chord with many online users, and a video of it was posted on his official Facebook page.

Fr. Oluoma began by bemoaning the disturbing way that “Yahoo boys” deceive helpless people and steal their hard-earned money.

He said that if they continue down this road, people who engage in such actions could not see any success.

He also questioned the arrogance of those who participate in dishonest behavior then grow indignant when admonished by clergy and the general public.

His words are;

“You are wrecking people to gain a treasure that will be garbage in your life when you pursue money at the expense of other people, said the philosopher.

“I don’t understand why those who steal from and deceive others feel upset when clergymen call it out. Yahoo refers to a group of people that will simply lock themselves in a house, use their computers to hunt for someone who is susceptible, and then steal whatever the victim has worked for.

“Then, after 30 to 40 years of labor, the person goes bankrupt. When the person is dying of depression, hypertension, and a heart attack while you are at ease, you steal everything they own.

“Do you think it is normal that some musicians even sing to support that lifestyle? How do you want things to turn out if Yahoo means misleading people, robbing them of their hard-earned money, leaving them destitute, and having them pass away from a heart attack? Even some individuals view it as an acceptable side hustle.

How is theft a respectable business venture? You can’t have a happy ending if you are that kind of person. If you are interested in such things, please avoid getting married because if you do and have children, they will be affected.

“At the very least, focus on politicians who are embezzling money if you want to be a Yahoo. But you won’t single out those who did their jobs honestly; you will. Target the terrible politicians at least, so that you and God may discuss it on your deathbed.

Source: OccupyGh.com 

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