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I am Tongi is a singersongwriter And reality tv personality who gained widespread attention for his impressive audition on “american idolSeason 21 in February 2023. During his American Idol audition, he performed James Blunt’s song “Monsters” which moved the judges to tears. As a result, the judges granted him a ticket. A fan, who was similarly moved, expressed on Twitter, “If you didn’t shed tears when Iam Tongi performed #Monsters on #AmericanIdol, you’re heartless. Wow!”

I started music in fifth grade when a teacher helped him learn to play the ukulele. He debuted his 2020 single “Dreams,” which he wrote for his sister’s wedding celebration.

Who are the parents of Iam Tongi?

Iam Tongi, whose birth name is Guillaume “Guy” Tongiwas born September 1, 2004 in Kahuku, Hawaii to parents Rodney Guy And Lillie N Rodney Tongi. Throughout her life, her father always told her that singing was her true calling. During his audition for American Idol, a clip of Iam and his father singing played on a screen as he shared in voiceover that his father is the main reason he pursues music. During his American Idol audition, he shared that his father passed away a few months prior on December 28, 2021. The memory of his father brought tears to Iam’s eyes before he performed a heartfelt rendition of “Monsters” by Jame Blunt, a song Blunt wrote in tribute to his own father who had been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. His father, born July 31, 1971, was 50 at the time of his death, and his memory lives on through his son’s emotional performance on the show. His mother, Lillie, remembers her late husband Rodney on their 25th wedding anniversary in August 2022. Lillie took to her Facebook to express her deep feelings, saying she thinks of him more this time around. era. She shared how Rodney showered her with love throughout their 26 years together, including 24 years of marriage, with romantic gestures such as buying her flowers, jewelry and clothes, learning and singing love songs. love, write love notes and take her to romantic places and dinner parties. With a unique blend of mixed Of ethnic origin (Tongan, Samoan and Irish), Tongi holds Hawaiian citizenship. He is the youngest of five children. Thus, he has four elder siblings namely Cassandra Alvina Tongi Mortensen, Jennifer Tongi, Lerod Tongi, And Sitaleki Tongi. The singer turned 18 in 2023.

Tongi went to Kahuku High and Middle School. Currently, he is a final year student at Decatur High School in Washington State, where he excels academically while pursuing his passion for music. His musical journey began when he took ukulele lessons from a fifth-grade teacher. Later he took up the guitar and became a skilled player of both instruments. His musical style, described by singer-songwriter Lauren Gruwell as a fusion of country and alternative, is often associated with the island vibe, a reflection of his Hawaiian roots.

The musical career of Iam Tongo

  • In February 2023, Iam Tongi’s audition for American Idol went viral, making him a reality TV star.
  • In 2020, Iam Tongi, who appeared on American Idol, released a song called “Dreams”. He wrote the song especially for his sister’s wedding, inspired by the love story of his sister and her husband, which he turned into a beautiful love song.
  • During his American Idol audition, Iam Tongi performed James Blunt’s “Monsters,” a song Blunt wrote as a tribute to his father. Tongi’s heartfelt rendition of the song touched the judges, leaving them emotional.
  • The upcoming season of American Idol in 2023 will feature Iam Tongi as a contestant who touched the hearts of the judges with his emotional performance. He shared the heartbreaking story of losing his father months before his audition and the 18-year-old Hawaiian showed off his singing talent in front of the judges during the audition. Tongi specializes in creating folk-indie love songs that captivate her audience. Superstar judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry will be part of American Idol’s final season, which promises to be thrilling.
  • During an interview in October 2022, Tongi said his music incorporates elements of country, alternative and island genres.

Who is Iam Tongi’s girlfriend?

As of February 2023, Iam Tongi’s love life remains a mystery as there is no information available about his relationship status. He has kept his relationship status private and there is no information available whether he is currently dating anyone or not. He did not divulge any details about his love life, leaving his fans and followers curious about his personal life.

Despite being a public figure, Iam Tongi has maintained a level of privacy when it comes to his personal affairs. He prefers to focus on his musical career and academic endeavors rather than publicizing his connections. Therefore, it is still unknown whether the talented musician is single or in a relationship. He seems to be single at one point.

What is Iam Tongi net worth?

Iam Tongi is a talented and dedicated singer known for his unique blend of musical abilities which continues to draw viewers to him. His main source of wealth comes from the music industry. Despite his growing success, he is known to lead a humble and modest life, prioritizing his passion for music over material possessions. As a contestant for American Idol, he captured viewers’ attention with his outstanding songs and performances, showcasing his dedication and singing talent.

As a rising singer, Iam Tongi net worth is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. As an American Idol contestant, he gained a large following, and his performances impressed audiences with his moving and heartfelt performances. Although his net worth may be relatively modest at this point in his career, his passion for music and growing success portends a bright future in the industry. With his undeniable talent and commitment to his craft, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this rising star.

How tall is Iam Tongo?

Iam Tongo is a handsome singer who has black hair and striking black eyes which add to his charm and make him stand out. Apart from his physical appearance, his fans appreciate him for who he is and his unique musical abilities continue to make him stand out in the industry. He continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his moving performances.

Iam Tongi’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches which is around 170 centimeters. He has a large body type, weighing around 104 kilograms or 230 pounds. Despite his height, Iam’s attractive personality shines through and his fans appreciate him for his unique blend of musical abilities. He has a healthy body.

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