I nearly committed suicide in March – BBNaija’s Angel spills

Angel Smith, a contestant on the popular reality TV show Big Brother Naija All Stars, boldly revealed her fight with depression and a near-fatal suicide attempt in March.

After completing a Tuesday task, she had an intimate talk with her love interest, Soma.

Angel, who is known on the show for her lively personality and compelling presence, revealed the heartbreaking realities of her mental health journey.

She described how the pressures of celebrity had shattered her sense of self and drove her to the edge.

During the conversation, Angel shared;

“I numbed myself out after my suicide attempt in March because it got so chaotic. Fame divided me into pieces and left those pieces on the floor for me to pick up. It broke me.

“Every time I get into an argument in this house, I say to myself, do I even want to be here? I remember how I got here. No one in this house knows this. I have suffered.”

“I stopped taking injectable birth control because of its effect” – Angel Smith

Angel Smith, a BBNaija ‘All Stars’ housemate, revealed that she used to take injectable birth control but had to stop due to the negative effects it was having on her body.

She revealed this during a conversation with Uriel and the other housemates.

Angel Smith, a housemate on BBNaija ‘All Stars’.Because of how promiscuous men can be, Angel believes that men should be the ones to use birth control.She believes that a man has the ability to impregnate 50 women in a month and that men should be the ones who use contraception.She stated that she used to use injectable birth control to avoid pregnancy, but the side effects, such as depression and anxiety, became too much for her.

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