“I make $200,000 a week, but…”

Knowing Bongo Ideas for who he is, the guy who doesn’t stop and doesn’t make sense, nothing can stop him, whether there’s a lawsuit or not.

If you’re new to this story, let me explain – Bongo Ideas has been subpoenaed by self-proclaimed forex trader, Kojo Forex.

Kojo demands GH¢1 million from the local Twitter troller who poses as a critical thinker.

Bongo has remained silent on the whole situation so far.

He’s going HAM on Kojo, in a new shared post Bongo claimed is exposing the forex trader with a coded subliminal tweet.

“Forex is fun”, I make $200,000 a week”, “I have over $500,000 in BTC”

Meanwhile, “guys pay $50 for signals” “subscribe to my YouTube channel” “join my academy, buy my course and cash out”

Wei! Tuesday ! Bongo shared.

Will the trial ever come – only time will tell.

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Source: OccupyGh.net

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