“I Am Not God” – Pastor Arrests Woman For Calling Him God During Testimony Period

A Ghanaian prophet, Dr Ogyaba has been hailed after a video of the pastor shutting down a woman in his church who called him God during testimony time surfaced online.

Dr. Ogyaba quickly corrected the woman for calling him God during a spike in prophecy time.

In the video, the woman began her testimony by claiming that the man in the church was God.

The Prophet, Dr. Ogyaba quickly interrupted her, pointing out that he is not God.

“I am not God, be careful what you say, I want you to say it just before we continue our prophecy because I don’t want you to bring me any trouble,” Dr Ogyaba closed the woman at the time. of prophecy and testimony. continued.

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Source: OccupyGh.net

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