HS student slams leaders for allowing trans women to share bathroom with women | wayne dupree

Megan Simpkins, a high school student from a California high school, gave an emotional speech in which she criticized her school for letting a male-born student use the women’s bathroom, referring to a possible fight.

Following the release of a viral video showing a transgender student assaulting a female student on campus, Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, California has made national headlines. The parents reportedly told Fox 11 that the transgender child had a history of “erratic and uncomfortable behavior” and had access to women’s locker rooms and facilities. Moreover, according to the Riverside police, this was not the first altercation of this transgender student. At a recent school board meeting, many expressed outrage that such a series of events could have happened in the first place.

At a meeting of the Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) board of trustees, the 18-year-old high school student spoke out and warned about the problem of “biological men pretending they are women and in turn believing that ‘they have the right to use the spaces reserved for women’.

“A transgender woman who is really a biological guy met a young woman at MLK high school,” she added. “There was an incident in our district that happened recently. This guy using and using the women’s restrooms and locker rooms hurt that, while it was upsetting when I saw the video for the first time on social media.

Simpkins also attacked the philosophy of the transgender movement.

The first question she raised was why, by allowing mentally unstable men to use women’s places, we were condoning this boy’s mental instability and jeopardizing the women’s safety.

Simpkins was stunned by the lack of consultation with women and “real girls” like her, who “are women down to our DNA,” about changes to their private places.

She wondered, “Why can’t we ever decide whether we’re okay with this or not.” The reality is that most of us aren’t, and yet nothing has been done about it. ensure the protection of these women. It all starts with you, I will say my closing statement. You are responsible for the safety of women. Thank you and please do something.”

In a statement released by the RUSD in late April, it was noted that “a video showing an altercation involving Martin Luther King High School students was widely circulated on social media this week” and that “the district administration Riverside Unified School Board has given this matter its full attention and is addressing it promptly.”

A transgender student who must remain anonymous is said to have left the establishment.

The statement said: “Since the event, District staff have worked to ensure that the safety and rights of all children are recognized and promptly addressed. We can confirm that the child involved will no longer attend King High. School.

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