How to remove weeds and moss: “quick and easy” method for terraces and pavements

Algae, moss, and mold thrive in shade and damp conditions, so it’s no surprise that patios, walkways, and pavers are breeding grounds for these things. But it’s not just moss and algae that tend to grow on patios and pavers, weeds have a habit of growing too.

But the gardening expert warned that when it comes to patio weeds, a gentler approach must be taken.

He said: “Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to get rid of moss and embedded dirt on your patio, paving or path, no matter how stubborn or built up.

“However, when it comes to weeds, a different approach must be taken.

“Be sure to remove weeds by hand before you begin pressure washing, using a paver knife to slice through weeds and remove any dirt trapped in the cracks, picking up and removing any debris before to start washing.

Post source: Express

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