How to remove limescale from the kettle “instantly” using a cheap common kitchen item

Kettle scale is a problem that every household will face if they own a kettle, especially if they have hard water where they live. When hard water evaporates, there remains a substance composed mainly of calcium and magnesium, this is called limestone. Although limescale is completely harmless, most will want to clean their kettle regularly, as hot drinks may not taste the best if they are full of floating limescale flakes.

After failing to descale her kettle, a woman took to Ms Hinch’s Facebook page to ask for suggestions on how to remove scale buildup in the kettle.

Elaine Dara wrote: “Help to descale a kettle? I tried the sachets and they didn’t work.

Although there is a range of products specifically designed to remove limescale from kettles, not all have proven to be effective. Moreover, many of them are quite expensive.

Instead, the other band members in the comments suggested Elaine go back to using something she most likely has in her kitchen cupboard – white vinegar.

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Charlene Tucker said: “The white vinegar and boil, I did mine this morning, I was shocked as it worked the first time.”

Amy Jones wrote: “I think I saw this trick here. Add equal amounts of white vinegar and water to the kettle and boil. Definitely does the job for me. Thanks to whoever recommended it.

Debbie Wilson commented: “Boil the kettle with white vinegar and water. No need to let it soak.

“I made my kettle last week and the bottom was covered in thick limescale. I boiled some water with white vinegar and water and it disappeared instantly.

“Don’t bother wasting money on expensive descaling products when white vinegar is cheap and effective.”

Christine Powell said: ‘Empty the kettle of water then pour in some white vinegar from Tesco 29p or anywhere else you can find it.

“Turn the kettle on to boil, then remove it from the base of the kettle and watch the vinegar make it, it’s magic.

“Empty the kettle and put fresh water in it, boil and empty. That’s it, all the limescale will be gone.

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In response to Christine, Shelly Barker wrote: “Best and cheapest. I always make ours like this.

Joyce Finch added: “Totally agree, that’s great. The best I have ever used on my kettle.

Jade Wells commented: “A cup of vinegar and a cup of water, boil and it gets rid of everything. You only have to boil some water once or twice before using it again .

Dawn Tomlin said, “White distilled vinegar will do. Add water halfway then add 200ml to the kettle and boil.

Acid is a good stain remover for hard water, which is why white vinegar is an important ingredient to include in a homemade descaler.

The next best method suggested by Ms. Hinch fans was citric acid. Sandra Read said, “Two teaspoons of citric acid in hot water is great.”

Anita Martos Trusz wrote, “Citric acid is the best. It doesn’t smell or fizz like vinegar and it’s cheap.

Carlie Adams added: “Citric acid, pour kettle, add water, bring to a boil and you’ll be done.”

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