How to remove handkerchiefs from washed clothes without rewashing them in ‘five minutes’

Those who accidentally left a tissue in their pocket and pressed the washer start, their laundry will be covered in small bits of fabric at the end of the cycle. Rather than having to remove small pieces of fabric from each individual item, Ms. Hinch fans have shared the ‘best way’ to completely remove pieces of fabric from laundry.

Addressing Ms Hinch’s cleaning advice, Susan Attisha asked the group members: ‘How do you get rid of bits of fabric from clothes that come out of the washing machine?’

Anyone who has washed their clothes knows how annoying it can be to find tissues on washed clothes.

Removing tissues from clothes is not only a hassle, but also makes your job more complicated when cleaning clothes.

Moving on to the comments section, many cleaning enthusiasts have suggested a method that doesn’t involve re-washing clothes to remove bits of fabric.

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They suggested putting these tissue-covered items in the dryer and it “will do.”

Suzanne Malloui said: “If you have a clothes dryer, this should do the trick.” Jeanett Heston commented: “Shake out and tumble dry always works for me.”

Helen Cole said: “I find the dryer to be the best way. It only takes five minutes in there. Works every time.

Jane Miller wrote: “My husband is the culprit in our house, it drives me crazy. I dry clothes in the dryer.

The easiest way to remove tissues from clothes is to place the load of laundry directly into the dryer.

The dryers are equipped with a lint filter that will do the hard work for households by collecting all the fabric fragments until you end up with a pile of clean, dry and above all tissue-free clothes. However, it is important to remember to clean the dryer filter once the clothes are dry.

For those who don’t have a dryer, they can try dissolving the tissue paper in an aspirin solution instead.

Remove the clothes from the washing machine and gently shake out as much of the tissue paper as possible. Next, dissolve four aspirin tablets in lukewarm water and soak the clothes for about two hours.

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