How to Get Snapchat AI Bot for Free? Tips and Considerations


Snapchat is an instant messaging app and service developed by Snap Inc. that originated in the United States. The app’s primary feature is that messages and pictures are available for only a brief period before disappearing. It has expanded to include “Stories” and “Discover,” allowing brands to advertise short-form content.

Users can also store photos in a secure area called “my eyes only,” and the app reportedly uses end-to-end encryption. Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, all former Stanford University students, and emphasizes virtual stickers and augmented reality objects.

As of July 2021, Snapchat had 293 million daily active users, with more than four billion Snaps sent each day. It is particularly popular among younger generations, raising privacy concerns for parents.

How to Get Snapchat AI Bot for Free?

Snapchat’s AI feature, My AI, is exclusively offered to subscribers of Snapchat Plus, with a subscription fee of up to $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. This cost is a deterrent for many Snapchat users who are reluctant to pay. However, some users are still eager to access the feature and seek ways to obtain it for free. There are a few possible methods to acquire Snapchat AI without paying, which are outlined below.

  1. Enable Snapchat+ Free Trial Snapchat offers a free one-week trial of Snapchat Plus, including the Snapchat My AI feature. To obtain Snapchat AI for free, follow the steps to enroll in the free trial.

  2. Ask a Friend to Gift You Snapchat Plus Subscription Another way to get Snapchat AI for free is by asking a friend to gift you a Snapchat Plus subscription for $39.99. Follow the steps to gift and claim the subscription.

  3. Download Snapchat++ Extension For those who want to try out Snapchat Plus features without paying, the Snapchat++ extension can be downloaded. Follow the steps to download and install the extension.

  4. Try Chat GPT As an alternative to Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, Chat GPT can be used.

  5. Wait Until My AI Gets Available For All If none of the above methods work, it is recommended to wait until Snapchat My AI becomes available for all users.

How to Get My AI on Snapchat Without Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat has recently introduced My AI, a chatbot that uses OpenAI’s GPT technology to answer messages and provide personalized suggestions to users. Originally, the feature was exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers, who paid a monthly fee of $3.99 to remove it from their chat feeds. However, it has now been made available to all Snapchat users.

My AI is designed to be a friendly companion and can assist users with tasks such as meal planning, gift ideas, and trip planning. Despite its usefulness, some users find it annoying to have it at the top of their chat feeds instead of their actual friends. Snapchat has recently upgraded My AI with new features and functionalities, including the ability to include it in chat conversations.

At the Snap Partner Summit, Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, announced that My AI will be rolled out to the entire Snapchat community for free. Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc, expressed excitement about the rollout and looks to see how users will embrace My AI. According to Snapchat’s website, My AI is an experimental, friendly chatbot that is designed to connect users to the people and things they care about most. At the moment, only Snapchat+ subscribers can remove My AI from Snapchat. There is no way to remove My AI from Snapchat without Snapchat Plus at the moment. 

  1. The only way to delete the chatbot is to pay for a Snapchat+ subscription.

  2. Snapchat wants as many users as possible to use My AI to collect feedback and insights to improve the feature.

  3. My AI’s widespread usage could help Snapchat test and optimize the feature further.

  4. Snapchat is not providing an option to remove My AI from the chat feed to encourage its usage and gather valuable data on its performance, identify issues, and make improvements.

  5. This covers everything on how to remove My AI from Snapchat.

How to Unpin My AI on Snapchat without Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat+ users have the option to remove or unpin My AI from their chat feed, which is not available for non-subscribers. As per Snapchat, subscribers of Snapchat+ have access to new My AI features in advance, and they also have the ability to remove My AI from their Chat feed.

  1. To remove My AI from the Chat screen on Snapchat, start by swiping right from the Camera screen.

  2. Next, press and hold on the My AI icon.

  3. Then, tap on ‘Chat Settings’.

  4. Finally, tap on ‘Clear from Chat Feed’ to delete the My AI chatbot from your chat screen.

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