How to Eliminate Kitchen Sink Odors in “Five Minutes” Using a “Fantastic” Household Item

“If you can get to the outside drain hole, sprinkle the same amount of soda crystals, another drop of water, then another kettle of boiling water to flush the crystals out.

“Then pour a capful of pure disinfectant, Detol, Stardrops or scented Zoflora directly into the hole in the cap. All odors should disappear.

Soda ash is a versatile cleaner that can work wonders on a clogged or smelly sink, according to plumbing experts at Dyno.

They said: “Soda ash is a great way to keep fats, oils and grease from building up in your drains. Simply put a cup of soda crystals in a bowl of boiling water and stir the mixture thoroughly until the soda crystals are dissolved. Now slowly pour the mixture down your drains.

Post source: Express

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