How to do your eyebrows when you have a heart-shaped face

For a rounded forehead, a slightly rounded forehead will work beautifully. When creating a shape, certain parts of the forehead will line up with different angles of your face. Learning how to properly maintain your eyebrows at home will introduce you to the phenomenon of brow mapping. Starting at the front of your forehead, make sure it lines up perfectly with the corner of your nose. Use an eye pencil to draw marks where you are going to wax.

Then, using a white pencil, create a diagonal line from the pupil to where your arch should be. Finally, create another diagonal line connecting the tip of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow. Once you’ve marked all of these areas, pluck out the hairs that extend beyond the edge of your nose. Don’t take too much. Far-set eyebrows can increase the width of your face, making your forehead appear wider.

When removing hair below the eyebrow, do not pinch too much below the eyebrow. This can make the arch more severe, removing the rounded look you’re looking for. Brush out excess hair and go slowly, stepping away from the mirror every now and then to see what the shape looks like. To draw on the arch, use slow, deliberate strokes to create a more rounded shape. Diffuse it and draw hair-like strokes in the arch.

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