How to deal with those pesky flyaway hairs

If you’ve caught your reflection in the elevator mirror and noticed a halo of unsightly flyaways, a hair mask might be great for taming dry locks, but chances are you don’t have time for it. Instead, there are a few effortless tricks that work to smooth out flyaways, even if you’re on your way to work. A dryer sheet or these sleek smoothing wipes can help eliminate static and keep your strands flat in a snap.

Simply glide them over your strands for instant smoothness. Another product you’ll probably have on hand (pun intended) is hand lotion. Squeeze a small dollop into your hands and rub together as usual before lightly running your hands through your hair. Humidity can help reduce dryness, but don’t overdo it, as too much humidity can make your hair oily. Likewise, a lip balm can help fight flyaways due to dryness.

Choose a multi-purpose balm instead of a regular lip balm tube. With a small amount on your fingers, locally treat any areas that need a little coercion. The unique, sticky texture can give you longer lasting relief when wearing sleek styles such as a high pony. However, to fight flyaways once and for all, you will need to take preventive measures.

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