How The Obama Sisters’ White House Years Prepared The Biden Grandkids For Life In The Spotlight

Over the years, we’ve seen a friendship blossom between Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden, President Joe Biden’s granddaughter. As two people of the same age who’ve shared similar experiences of having parents in powerful positions and being in the spotlight at a young age, it’s unsurprising that the pair bonded early on. It’s safe to assume their friendship strengthened when they attended the same high school and played on the same basketball team that former President Barack Obama once coached. 

When Barack appeared on Dax Shephard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, he spoke highly of Maisy’s athletic abilities, saying, “Maisy was like the LeBron of the league. She dominated. She was great, you know, and we went undefeated. The Vipers ruled.” Barack also shared that Maisy was one of Sasha’s closest friends. Although the Vipers won the coveted fourth-grade championship league, Barack was sadly resigned from coaching after some of the opposing team’s parents complained that his presence gave the Vipers an unfair advantage. 

However, that didn’t stop both Barack and Joe from showing up to support their young ones. And the kids have also had loads of fun off-campus too. Maisy and Sasha had a joint graduation party to celebrate the end of high school. When Biden’s grandchildren and Barack’s children joined them for a democratic convention, they had a sleepover to turn up the fun. In 2017, Malia and Sasha also had fun catching some sun in Miami on a girl’s trip.

Post source: The List

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