How Much Does Solar Battery Storage Cost?

Solar energy is gaining popularity and force in the United States, and it’s a trend likely to continue. Nearly 40 percent of homeowners in the US are considering installing solar panels for their home’s energy needs, and solar battery storage is a significant factor. The ability to store energy for future use allows flexibility for homeowners as grid instability increases.

Exploring your options for solar batteries is a wise move if you’re installing a solar energy system. The most significant factor to consider is the solar battery storage cost. Building solar battery energy storage into your budget sounds daunting, but exploring your options will help you find the best battery for your energy needs.

Fortunately, you’re in the perfect spot to learn about the factors influencing the cost of solar batteries and the benefits they provide. Continue reading to proceed with solar battery installation today!

What Does Solar Battery Storage Cost?

Solar panels are an excellent way to save money over the long haul, but most homeowners stop at a grid-tied solar system. Solar batteries are an additional cost, but the benefits outweigh the cons. You’re storing extra energy for power outages and periods of overcast skies.

Depending on your budget and the battery’s chemistry, you’re spending between $200 and $15,000 for your solar battery. The most common battery option is a lithium-ion battery. They’re the best batteries on the market, and you’ll need to accommodate the extra $7,000 for these batteries when installing your solar system.

Lead-acid batteries are the cheapest option, but more viable long-term solutions for your power needs exist. The cost of solar batteries has dropped over the past few years. You should expect to consider this trend as technology improves and supply increases.

Your new solar batteries are also eligible for the solar tax credit offered by the US government. Some states provide credits that will chip away further from the price.

Factors Determining Solar Battery Costs

There are several factors worth considering when shopping for options for solar batteries. Diving into those factors makes choosing the perfect battery a breeze. Here’s an in-depth look at those factors to help you enjoy the benefits of solar power for your home.

1. Battery Manufacturer

The battery manufacturer you choose determines how much you’ll pay for your new storage battery. Companies like Tesla charge a premium for their solar batteries. The services and manufacturing processes each brand uses affects what you pay.

Sonnen is another company that provides luxury solar batteries. You’ll pay a premium for their products, but you can trust you’re getting a quality storage battery for your money. Most batteries have the installation costs built into the final price.

2. Battery Chemistry

The chemistry of your solar batteries is another factor to consider when comparing costs. There are many options for battery chemistry, but the most powerful is lithium-ion. The lithium-ion phosphate battery is the go-to option for homeowners who want a solar battery that lasts years.

Choosing a lead-acid battery for your home’s solar system is tempting, but these batteries won’t provide the necessary storage. They have a much shorter lifespan, and you’ll pay more for replacements than lithium-ion batteries. Your best option for a cost-effective storage battery is to bite the bullet and purchase a battery with a long lifespan and improved storage.

3. Number of Batteries

You’ll pay more for solar battery installation when purchasing several batteries for improved energy storage. The more batteries you install, the more energy you can store for a rainy day.

Determine how much electricity your household needs by monitoring energy consumption while connected to the grid. You can work with the best solar companies orange county to ensure you have the panels necessary to meet your need.

The storage capacity of your batteries is another vital consideration. It’s best to have enough battery storage for at least 24 hours of running your household’s lights and appliances. One to two solar batteries will meet your needs during a power outage.

4. Backup Load Panel

It’s best not to count on your options for solar batteries to power your home. The vital appliances and lights will continue running, but extra solar storage batteries will be needed to power luxuries like your home’s HVAC or air conditioning. It’s something to consider in a world with rising energy instability.

A sub-panel is an excellent investment to give your home the extra juice to continue running when the power goes out. The backup load panel will add $1,000 to your solar battery installation, but it’s the right move if you want to live off-grid.

5. Labor Costs

It’s also vital to account for the labor costs of solar battery installation when opting for sustainable energy at your house. The best way to save money on solar battery installation is to install the batteries simultaneously with the solar panels.

You’ll complete the necessary permits and labor when combining the two installations. Still, you’ll need additional permits if you install solar batteries for extra energy. Ensure you use the tax incentive to chip away at the upfront costs of your solar energy system.

6. Use Incentives and Rebates

Solar energy systems provide several benefits to homeowners and the environment. You’ll save money on energy consumption and limit the damage done to the nature around you.

The upfront costs are daunting, but you must include the tax incentives and rebates available when determining if solar panels and batteries are feasible. With the proper tax incentives, you can save up to 30 percent on solar panels and batteries.

Now You’re an Expert on Solar Battery Storage Cost

Solar battery storage cost is vital if you’re sold on solar battery storage for your residential energy system. You’ll have ample energy separate from the grid to keep the lights on and appliances running when the power goes out.

The best solar batteries will cost around $15,000, with installation included. It’s best to purchase lithium-ion batteries for extra storage and an extended lifespan.

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