How Many Episodes Are There & Which One Does Reddit Consider The Best?

The discussion continued with u/antihero-joe, citing one of the most famous “Seinfeld” episodes of them all: “The Outing, where Jerry is being interviewed and the interviewer thinks he and George are gay. Every time they convince her they’re not gay, something happens that makes it seem even more likely. Every line is so funny, George deciding to ‘come out’ mid episode, and the constant callback: ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that.’ I’m cackling from start to finish. My absolute [favorite] ep.”

“The Boyfriend.” “The Dinner Party.” “The Marine Biologist.” Each comment on the thread seems to call another all-time classic to the mind of any “Seinfeld” devotee. One from u/Broadnerd is more honest than most: “I truly couldn’t pick. There’s probably a dozen that I think are just jam packed and wonderfully written.”

Reddit didn’t seem able to crack the problem of the Greatest “Seinfeld” Episode of All Time, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s ever spent any time discussing that question with fellow fans. Trying to single out just one is an impossible feat, like generating a profit from depositing empty bottles in Michigan or flying towards the sun on the wings of pastrami.

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