How Family Guy’s ‘Death Pose’ Went Viral (And The Weirdest Places It’s Appeared)

Apparently, “Family Guy” is incredibly popular among gamers as the “Death Pose” meme has gained popularity among its ranks. As cataloged by Know Your Meme, there are several screenshots of characters from “Team Fortress 2”, a multiplayer first-person shooter, lying on the ground in a decent approximation of the pose. It’s unclear if these images prove that the creative team behind TF2 loves “Family Guy”, if users have modded the game, or if the game’s physics engine is just that versatile.

Speaking of modding, Game Banana modder Robro has created a ‘Death Pose’ patch for ‘Deltarune’, Toby Fox’s spiritual successor to ‘Undertale’, which changes Ralsei’s death animation to better match. to the infamous downfall of Peter Griffin. And the “Death Pose” also appears in fan art, with at least one artist painting Bow Kid from “A Hat in Time,” a cute puzzle platformer, complete with the meme.

But nothing is funnier than an official studio including the meme in its content. In 2023, Sega released “The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog”, a free point-and-click visual novel, which features the titular blue blur rocking the “Death Pose”. That’s right, the meme is still alive and well, even today. It was so important to Sega that fans saw the inclusion of the meme that it appears in the official launch trailer posted on Twitter. And that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

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