How celebrities keep their hair healthy and free from heat damage

Kardashian go-to hairstylist and OUAI haircare founder Jen Atkin told Marie Clarie that if a celebrity is looking for a faster path to a new color, they manage to limit the damage by conditioning throughout the process. She also shared a simple trick that could also be a game-changer for us mere mortals: “I always suggest my clients to dry their hair with an old cotton t-shirt instead of a towel after getting out of the shower. .”

As Atkin pointed out, “Damp wicks are much more fragile and prone to breakage and the tough fibers of a towel can be too aggressive.” And generally, you have to be especially careful with your hair after showering, because that’s when it’s most fragile. Your strands absorb water throughout your shower, which weakens keratin hydrogen bonds. And if you’re not careful, you can damage the cuticle by stretching the section of hair to the point of breaking.

If you have straight hair, always let your locks air dry completely before combing them. For people with curly hair, brushing damp hair can be beneficial for detangling and definition as long as you do it with the right brush. If you suffer from dryness or hair loss, consider taking a vitamin that specializes in hair care to promote strength and growth from within.

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