How Being Intimate Just For ‘The Upkeep’ Can Actually Improve Your Relationship

Instead of waiting for all the stars to align to have sex, you set times in the week to have maintenance sex. If that feels too restrictive, you can keep things more open. In this case, you’re making an honest effort to have sex by asking your partner if he wants it more often, rather than letting things go on as they are. At its core, interview sex is about consistently prioritizing sex.

As Chris Kraft, Ph.D., director of clinical services at Johns Hopkins Medicine Kraft’s Sex and Gender Clinic, explained to Hopkins Medicine, “Couples who make an effort to have regular sex — even if it’s isn’t the perfect scenario – having a more satisfying sex life,” continuing, “Many women report feeling horny after intimacy begins.

It’s a common misconception that maintenance sex ends in intercourse when in reality, it’s a practice that aims to allow couples to have honest discussions about sex. Even for couples who have been married for years, sex can be a difficult subject to discuss due to the unnecessary shame and embarrassment that comes with it. The sex interview gives you the space to acknowledge how long it’s been, how you feel about this gap, and the importance of sex. It’s completely normal to find that interview sex is unromantic at first, but over time you may feel that your improved intimacy compensates for the initial awkwardness.

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