House GOP in shambles on so-called ‘budget’

The debt ceiling is looming; if left unchecked, it could cause a catastrophic default on US debt bonds and collapse economies around the world.

President McCarthy has been embroiled in internal wrangling over try to find a frame for a GOP budget.

He works with members of the Freedom Caucus. How’s it going for you, Kevin?

The NY Times reports that McCarthy has no faith in House Budget Committee Chairman Jodey Arrington, who is tasked with delivering this framework which contains spending cuts Republicans have said they will demand in return for any measure to increase the debt ceiling.

The toxic relationship between the two has also been complicated by the deteriorating relationship between President McCarthy and Rep. Scalise.

Mr. McCarthy has told colleagues and allies he cannot count on Mr. Scalise, describing the majority leader as ineffectual, verified and unwilling to take a stand on anything, according to three Republican lawmakers with knowledge direct from his private comments who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss it.

“Verified” sounds about right to most House Republicans when it comes to, you know, actually governing.

Outside of committees investigating fringe MAGA conspiracies, Republicans are in disarray when it comes to acting as a competent political party.

Vote them all.

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