Holi 2023: How To Make Herbal Gulal At Home With Flowers

The festival of colours, Holi, is just around the corner, and it will be celebrated this year on March 8. Its preparations have begun and markets are already filled with water guns and Holi colours. But the colours and gulals available in the market have chemicals that pose a threat to our skin.

So, this year, if you plan to play Holi with herbal gulal and keep your skin protected from allergies, make your own gulal at home. Let us share with you some amazing steps to make gulal of different colours from flowers at home.

1. Make red gulal from hibiscus flowers

Use hibiscus flowers to make red-coloured gulal. To make this, wash some hibiscus flowers properly and dry them in the sun. When they dry completely, grind them in a mixer grinder. After that, you mix it with flour to make a dry powder. Your herbal aromatic gulal is ready. Apart from this, pomegranate peel can also be used to make red gulal if you want to.

2. Make red gulal from roses

Dry the red rose petals in the sun and then grind them in a mixer to make powder. Then add one-fourth of the flour into this powder and mix it well. Then add 3 to 5 drops of rose water to it and your natural red-coloured gulal is ready.

3. Make orange gulal from tesu flowers:

Orange or saffron-coloured gulal can be made easily by drying tesu flowers. Take the dried flowers and grind them into powder. Now combine the powder with twice as much flour. You can also make coloured water using tesu flowers. For this, soak the tesu flowers overnight in water. The entire water will turn saffron by morning. You can use this water for your water guns and play Holi.

4. Make yellow gulal from chrysanthemum flowers:

Take a lot of yellow chrysanthemum flowers and soak them overnight in a bowl. The water will turn yellow in the morning, and you can play with this coloured water during Holi. If you want to make dry gulal, dry chrysanthemum petals and grind them in a grinder. Now add flour to them. You can also add cornstarch and your herbal yellow gulal is ready.

5. Make yellow or orange gulal from marigolds

Buy one to two kilos of yellow or orange marigold flowers from the market and take out their petals and dry them in the sun. When it dries well, grind them. If you want to make gulal, mix starch or flour in it.

6. Make blue gulal with aparajita flowers

You can make blue gulal from the aparajita flowers. It can be used to make both coloured water and dry gulal. You can either dry it and grind it in a grinder to make gulal or boil it to get the blue colour in water.

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