Hey James Comer, it’s not just MSNBC laughing at you

The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee admitted to Sean Hannity that he had no contact with a supposed “oligarch who had Biden records”.

And then he cried that MSNBC was making fun of him because of it.

No Jim, EVERYONE is laughing at you because of that.

Not being able to produce a credible witness against the Bidens is cause for laughter. The only reason Comer has this job is to pretend to investigate so Republicans and Fox News can continually distract from Trump’s multiple crimes.

Without contact with a supposed FBI informant, Comer attempted to weave his plot.

“Joe Biden accepted the bribe, that he used it as an insurance policy,” Comer said.

Hannity tried her best to try to save Comer but failed.

“This oligarch was a high-ranking member or owner of Burisma?” Hannity asked.

“That’s exactly it,” Rep Comer replied.

“Have you had any contact with him?

“Unfortunately, no one has had contact with him in the last three years,” Rep. Comer said.

(Cue the laugh track)

“You know, MSNBC laughs at me when I say there are a lot of people who were involved in Biden’s shenanigans who are currently missing,” Comer shouted. “But as far as this oligarch is concerned, we think we know where he is.”

(Increase the volume on the laugh track)

“It just hasn’t been seen in public for a long time, but we follow the money,” he claimed.

(Blare the laugh track to completely drown out Comer’s vocals)

“We subpoenaed bank documents last week which are coming as we speak and we hope they will show further signs of influence peddling in countries like Ukraine,” he said. .

There is heaps of evidence linking Trump to a slew of alleged crimes. Most Republicans cover their eyes and ears whenever the reality of Trump’s crimes is brought up.

With Hunter Biden and his father, any whisper of hope there might be something is enough evidence to go on TV and say President Biden should be impeached.

It’s been almost a month now. Even Queen MAGA herself, Maria Bartiromo, is furious with the Comer committee.

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