Here’s Why ‘You’ Star Elizabeth Lail Said She Likes to Shoot Scenes in a Cage

You transcended its origins as an under-the-radar gem on the Lifetime Channel to become a huge hit on Netflix. The show’s fanbase constantly memes its wild happenings and unabashedly lusts after Penn Badgley, even though Joe Goldberg is a possessive freak easily prone to violence. The dissonance between the content of the show and the perverse pleasure people get from it extends to the actors on screen as well. Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) was one of Joe’s first victims on You with his time held captive in a cage playing a big party at his death. Despite the gruesome nature of the setup, Lail considers these scenes his favorite moments on set. You.

Beck was Joe’s obsession in the first season of ‘You’

Elizabeth Lail stands in front of a green screen
Elizabeth Lail attends the premiere of NeueHouse x ‘Mack & Rita’ I Michael Kovac/Getty Images for NeueHouse

Beck was a humble MFA student who dreamed of a career as a writer before becoming the object of Joe’s disturbed affection. He kills several people close to her and interferes in her life to make Beck “love” her.

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