Here’s the text Fox News desperately didn’t want us to see

A text message sent by Tucker Carlson showed his most popular host shared his private and inflammatory views on violence and race, and that seems to be the one Fox News was so worried about. Via the New York Times:

In the message, sent to one of his producers in the hours following the storming of the Capitol by violent Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, Mr. Carlson described how he had recently watched a video of a group of men — Trump supporters, he said — violently attacking “a child Antifa.”

It was “three to one, at least,” he wrote.

And then he expressed a sense of dismay that the attackers, like himself, were white.

“To jump a guy like that is obviously dishonorable,” he wrote.

“That’s not how white men fight,” he said. But he said he found himself for a while wanting the group to kill the person he described as the child of Antifa.

It’s understood? White men fight “honorably”. Like the lost cause!

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