Heavy police presence at entrance to Baptist Medical Center South

Late in the evening, an incident took place outside Baptist South in which hospital security alerted an off-duty police officer to the scene after noticing a suspicious person.

The officer later requested assistance from the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff’s Office.

To ensure the safety of patients, visitors and staff, the hospital has been quarantined, which will remain in place until clearance is provided by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Fortunately, all patients, visitors and staff are unharmed.

The hospital is closed until it receives the all-clear from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

According to a Baptist South Hospital spokesperson, an incident occurred in the hospital parking lot.

At the time of writing, there has been no confirmation or identification of victims.

No suspects were identified and no information was immediately released regarding possible arrests.

Police are asking the public to stay away from the area.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information becomes available.

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