HBO’s Barry Ending Explained

Besides Fuches, Sally is the only other character who fully accepts herself as morally corrupt. The self-absorbed budding actress has come a long way since the pilot.

“He’s someone who’s had major trauma and has no language to deal with it,” Goldberg told the Los Angeles Times.

At first, Sally uses the role as an outlet, but after her show was canceled, her reputation ruined, and the near-death experience of killing someone in self-defense, Sally feels she has no more. no recourse. When Barry comes to see her after her escape from prison, it is Sally’s idea to run away with him. Her confession in “Best Place on Earth” (Season 4, Episode 2) explains why. “I feel safe with you,” she admits to Barry during his prison visit.

It turns out security alone isn’t enough to keep Sally from hating her new family life as an outlaw. She goes through the motions of her repetitive and isolated days, unable to connect with her partner or her son. During her tearful confession to John in the finale, she makes some progress, and in the final time jump, Sally properly accepts her role as John’s mother.

“She ultimately makes a selfless choice,” Goldberg says. “She chooses this child that she didn’t even want and walks away from Barry. She still needs comfort from her child the same way she needed it from Barry. That narcissism and insecurity is still there. However, she is up there with the students who feel real joy from doing this show.

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