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Hannah MarthA javelin trainer of Pennsylvania, was charged with sexually abusing a 17-year-old college student, as confirmed by the district attorney’s office. On April 13, 2023, Northampton County District Attorney Terence Houck issued a press release outlining the charges against her. According to the release, Marth, a Walnutport resident, faces two third-degree felony charges of corporate sexual assault and sexual assault by an athletic official. Specific details of the allegations were not disclosed.

The district attorney’s office said the investigation is still ongoing and urged anyone with additional information about the case to come forward. Meanwhile, Marth’s future as a manager remains uncertain and it is not yet clear whether she will face any further legal consequences.

What is Hannah Marth’s date of birth?

Hannah Marth, who is currently 26 years old in 2023, was born in the United States in 1996. She is an American national and belongs to the American-White ethnic group. His religious beliefs align with Christianity. Information regarding his parents and siblings is not yet known to the public.

According to Lehigh Valley Live, Hannah Marth was recognized as a Scholar/Athlete at Northampton Area High School in 2014. She was also named Track and Field Female Athlete of the Week for playing javelin in high school. Lehigh Valley Live reported that Marth won the Lehigh Valley Conference Women’s Javelin Championship for the second straight time in 2014 with a throw of 117 feet. Her best performance this season came in a doubles encounter on April 28 against Nazareth, where she pitched for 121-4. Marth also competed as an athlete for East Stroudsburg University.

How was Hannah Marth’s career?

  • Hannah Marth worked as a javelin coach for the Northampton area high school track team. This information was mentioned in a press release which set out the charges against her. The statement specified that May of the year 2021 was when Marth served as the coach for the team. No further details were provided regarding his tenure or performance as a coach.
  • Hannah is also employed as a teacher in the Easton Area School District. The Morning Call reported that she is a teacher in the district. David Piperato, the superintendent, told the publication that the school district generally does not comment on ongoing criminal or personal issues. He said, however, that the district intends to cooperate fully with authorities in the matter and will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of students.

Northampton coach Hannah Marth charged with sexually assaulting athlete

Pennsylvania javelin thrower coach Hannah Marth, 26, is facing charges of institutional sexual assault and sexual assault by a sports official for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student from Northampton Area High School in May 2021 which lasted until October 2022. According to the press release issued by Northampton County District Attorney Terence Houck on April 13, investigators found evidence suggesting Marth texted the student-athlete at 2 a.m. on May 22, 2021 and had invited him to her home for sex, after which she began sexual contact with him. In a subsequent interview with police, Marth allegedly confessed to having a “romantic involvement” with the boy in May 2021. The charges against Marth are both third degree felonies. Marth was an outstanding athlete and member of the athletics team when she attended Northampton. She has since worked as a teacher in the Easton Area School District, where she worked at the time of her arrest. Following her arraignment, Marth was released on an unsecured bond of $75,000.

The allegations against Marth relate to her job as a javelin thrower coach for the Northampton area high school athletics team, where she had invited the student-athlete to her home for sexual activity. His actions are seen as a breach of trust and a flagrant disregard for the well-being of the student-athlete, his parents and the law. The Easton Area School District said it will cooperate fully with authorities in this matter and take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of its students. The charges against Marth underscore the importance of maintaining professional boundaries and ethical conduct when working with student-athletes, and any breach of trust in these relationships is taken seriously by law enforcement.

Is Hannah Marth married?

According to available information, Hannah Marth’s relationship status is currently Single. There is no public record of her being married or in a relationship, and it is unknown if she has ever had a serious relationship before. Hannah seems to be dedicated to her career and concentrating on her job as a javelin coach.

As a coach, Hannah Marth’s priority is to help her students develop their skills and reach their full potential in the sport of javelin throwing. She is known for her dedication and commitment to her students and is highly respected in the sports community. She enjoys her single life a lot and her sexual orientation is straight.

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