Haley’s toxic relationship behavior is swept under the rug

Haley Dunphy’s lack of loyalty to her boyfriends throughout “Modern Family” has been a concern for some fans. Some, like Redditor u/aaebrownguy, are confused as to why Haley’s parents never stepped in, commenting, “I thought it was weird and expected Phil or Claire to report it to Hailey. about adultery and all that, but it never really was. came. The fact that she casually cheats on so many people is the one thing I never really liked about her.

While Claire (Julie Bowen), who has never been a fan of Dylan, spoke to Haley about his cheating, it was certainly from a biased angle. Redditor u/VastStory notes this: “The only thing Claire said was that she had to get over Dylan, but she definitely encouraged dating a smart guy.”

Still, others understood Haley’s state of mind better. Redditor u/Lemonl0aff notes that Haley, who we see evolving from a dimwitted teenager to a mother of two, is simply learning the ways of life and love. “So I think the show is trying to show that yeah, boyfriend, girlfriends, partners all have a first time,” they comment. “Everyone has a first kiss…or there can be some cheating during those crazy teenage years. And that it’s all part of life and the experiences it brings…” Haley’s track record of stable relationships may not have been the strongest, but what matters now is what these lessons taught him.

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