Grooming? Obscene Anti-Biden Signs Placed In Little League Ballpark

Family values, amiright? Some Republican in Henrico County, Virginia thought it would be super cool to put some anti-Biden signs up at a children’s ball field so parents could explain to their children what “Fuck Biden” means and what an unusually large penis drawing under the words “Biden sucks” is about. That county is solid Biden territory just outside Richmond. But the dude displaying these signs is clearly not a Biden supporter.

Seriously, Matt Walton caught these signs placed at a ballpark where 13-year old aspiring baseball players were just about to play. Never mind that those young teenagers have young siblings who are likely at the game. Never mind that, because when Republicans hate, they hate hard.

Here are both signs Walton captured.

Pollster Rachel Bitecofer caught it too:

The signs were apparently uploaded by a local gentleman, who some say was actually kicked out of the local GOP. (I’ll believe that when I see it.) Among other things, he wrapped himself in the First Amendment to prove he was justified in posting obscene signs at a public baseball park.

On the platform previously known as Twitter, people had thoughts:

And of course, there is this truth:

Every single time they claim they’re doing something “for the children,” remember that they don’t give a damn about kids or any other thing. They’re just rabid haters who confess every time they open their mouth.

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