Graphic video shows several people dead after an active shooter situation outside the H&M store at the Outlet mall in Allen

On Saturday, an active shooter situation was reported at an outdoor mall in Allen, Texas, and law enforcement is currently investigating the incident.

At a news conference, officials confirmed Allen firefighters took nine people to a medical facility, but it’s possible other victims were transported in private vehicles.

Police at the scene said children were among the victims.

Medical City Healthcare, a Dallas-area hospital system, said in a written statement that eight people between the ages of 5 and 61 were receiving treatment at their facilities.

The condition of the patients was not specified.

According to the police, the police were able to confront and shoot the suspect.

The subject officer acted against the assailant and eliminated the danger. The officer then requested immediate medical assistance.

The Allen Fire Department transported nine victims to nearby hospitals, according to a Facebook post from the agency, which also said there was no longer an active threat.

CNN reported that a search is underway for a possible second suspect.

The Collin County Sheriff said the shooter died.

After receiving reports of gunshots around 3:40 p.m., Allen police opened an investigation into the shooting, as confirmed by a police dispatcher.

It is developing…

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