Graham Thorpe Illness and Health: What Happened to Graham Thorpe? Did Graham Thorpe Have a Heart Attack? What Disease Does Graham Thorpe Have?

Graham Thorpe Illness and Health 

Graham Thorpe, the former Surrey and England cricketer Graham Thorpe was seriously ill in the hospital in 2022, according to a statement issued by the Professional Cricketers’ Association at the request of his family. “Graham Thorpe had recently fallen seriously ill and was currently in the hospital receiving treatment,” the PCA said.

“His prognosis was unclear at that stage, and we asked for privacy for him and his family during that time. Our thoughts were with Graham and his family.” Thorpe, a left-handed batter who had become one of the finest English players of his generation, played 100 Tests and 82 one-day internationals during a 12-year international career before retiring in 2005. He scored 49 first-class centuries and averaged 45.04.

What Happened to Graham Thorpe? 

Graham Thorpe, the former England cricketer, experienced a significant health setback in May 2022 that led to his hospitalization. The Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) issued a statement on behalf of Thorpe’s family, indicating that he was admitted to the hospital and receiving treatment. However, his prognosis remained uncertain at that time.

Thorpe was appointed as the head coach for Afghanistan in March but was unable to assume the role due to his illness. The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) expressed their close monitoring of Thorpe’s condition and assured that they were providing him with the necessary support.

Thorpe’s cricketing career is notable, having played 100 Test matches and 82 One Day Internationals for England. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest English batsmen, renowned for his elegant batting style and ability to perform consistently in diverse playing conditions.


Did Graham Thorpe have a Heart Attack? 

No, we don’t have any information that he had a heart attack. Graham Thorpe’s illness remained unclear amid the prognosis, and there was no confirmation whether it was a heart attack. When asked about his situation, close associates stated that the situation was still being evaluated, and the exact nature of what had occurred remained uncertain.

Privacy was requested regarding the matter, emphasizing the well-being of Thorpe’s family members. Therefore, the specific type of illness that exacerbated Thorpe’s condition remained unknown to those outside the immediate circle. Amid the situation, speculations arose that the former cricketer might have suffered a heart attack. However, at the time, there was no mention or traceable confirmation of such a condition.

What Disease Does Graham Thorpe Have?

The specific disease afflicting Graham Thorpe has not been publicly disclosed, leaving the exact nature of his illness unknown. In May 2022, Thorpe was hospitalized due to a “serious illness” with an uncertain prognosis. Subsequently, he was discharged from the hospital and is presently recuperating at home.

Speculation has arisen regarding Thorpe’s condition, with some sources suggesting the possibility of cancer. However, it is important to note that this remains unconfirmed. Cancer represents a prominent cause of mortality in the United Kingdom, making it a plausible consideration for Thorpe’s ailment. Nevertheless, there exists the possibility that he is grappling with an alternative severe illness, such as a cardiac condition or a neurological disorder.

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