Golfer Grace Charis covers herself in soap during a steamy car wash

Golfer Grace Charis doesn’t leave much to the imagination in this hot video!

The popular OnlyFans model has shared a lot of golf content since she started playing golf during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. That being said, she recently cleaned up her page to remove several of her repetitive videos.

Even though her page is now full of videos of her playing golf and not just videos of her swinging a club, there is one video she hasn’t deleted: a soapy car wash!

Golfer Grace Charis gets drenched during a hot car wash in her cropped crop top!

Fans might notice that the social media sensation decided to clean up her page, as it’s a pretty short scroll down from her Instagram page! Her first Instagram post is now dated July 3, 2022 – less than a year ago. However, there is no way Grace can delete this hot video!

The popular OnlyFans model begins the video by running her hands through her wet hair, which is absolutely covered in soap. She looks suggestively towards the camera as she begins to spray the hose, at one point sticking her tongue out as she covers her body in wet soap and water.

Fans want Grace to wash their car!

Golfer Grace Charis covers herself in soap during a steamy car wash
Instagram | Grace Charis

At another point in the video, Grace is lying on her back on the hood of the car, which is absolutely covered in soap. She puts a hand behind her head and looks up at the camera before the scene changes to show her lying on her stomach, washing the roof of the car with both hands.

In the caption, Grace simply wrote “Trending TikTok” as fans gushed over her raunchy video. “Do you want to wash my car? asked a fan. “Amazing,” wrote another follower. “All wet and sexy,” gushed a third fan. “I should get my car washed,” another follower teased. “Wow, sexy gorgeous, beautiful Grace. I would love to join you. Wow. Have a great day,” added another fan.

Grace Charis practices her swing in a colorful plunging crop top!

The first golf video Grace now has on her Instagram page is now from July 24, 2022 and appears to show some of Grace’s first moments on the green. In the video, Grace wears a plunging purple crop top with no bra underneath, along with black shorts and a black visor. She slowly gets out of the golf cart and takes a golf club out of her bag in the back of the cart.

The scene then cuts to show Grace in a variety of outfits as she prepares to swing. In addition to the colorful crop tops she’s become known for, Grace also plays golf in a colorful orange tank top and blue one-piece romper that’s made an appearance in several of her recent videos.

“A reel a day to keep the doctor away”

Grace Charis in a plunging purple crop top
Instagram | Grace Charis

In the caption, Grace joked, “A reel a day to keep the doctor away” and concluded her caption with the hashtags #golf, #reel and #sports. “I can watch this all day. It won’t help my golf game, but it sure is relaxing,” one fan commented. “Seeing you keeps my doctor away. So beautiful. Ugh… Im jealous,” another follower added. “Making all the country club dads thirsty,” teased a third fan.

“Which driver are you hitting now?” asked another follower. “Still the Callaway Reva for now,” Grace replied, though the comment raised a few eyebrows from other fans. “Man….let’s not pretend you’re here for the golf,” another user replied. Still, many fans adored her video, calling her “such a girl” and praising her “great form.” Another follower asked, “Can we play a trick together?”

Fans can actually play a round of golf with Grace Charis!

Grace Charis holding a golf ball
Instagram | Grace Charis

The good news is that fans can absolutely go golfing with Grace Charis! She has the put option on her website. Fans can buy eighteen complete rounds of golf with the popular model…even if it costs $100,000.00! Grace does not currently accept refunds, so buyer beware!

Interested in more Grace Charis content? The popular OnlyFans model took to the wheel of a golf cart in a plunging purple crop top as she reminded her followers how much they love golf! Fans can check out this steamy display by clicking here!

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