Ghanaians Criticize MzGee For Her Rude Behavior On Live Television

MzGee, a media personality and TV program host, has been under fire from Ghanaians for her behavior against entertainment critic Mr. Logic on yesterday, August 12, 2023, on her unified showbiz show.

Mr. Logic was in the middle of submitting when MzGee abruptly told him to move along because the other guests were drowsy and yawning.

MzGee’s abhorrent treatment of Mr. Logic caused a lot of uproar. Due to the manner she handled the situation, MzGee received criticism for having poor emotional intelligence.

Her behavior was described as impolite and disrespectful. She was instructed to express a sincere apology to Mr. Logic for her disrespect to him.

MzGee has made headlines twice for her disrespectful behavior toward guests on the United Showbiz program.

She received criticism last week for demeaning Gospel singer Empress Gifty.

Empress Gifty had given off the vibe that MzGee wasn’t serious about her music career.

Empress Gifty was enraged by this claim made by MzGee and called her out on her Instagram page for making an absurd query.

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