Ghanaian women show their Tʋ.Tʋ live as 50,000 people watch

Tiktok for Ghanaians is gradually becoming a ground for the very few unruly people to flaunt their uncivilized upbringing.

While others from most nations use it for profitable measures, to learn, relieve stress, grow and educate themselves, our own “Yaanom” use it for “Nkwasiasem”.

Ghana Girls live on TikTok

A new trend brewing on the Ghanaian platform TikTok is spiraling out of control.

This being the third reported case to surface, a clique of uneducated Ghanaian women on TikTok went live to show off their Tʋ.Tʋ as they go Nαkɛdz for 14,000 people to watch.

Ghana Girls live on TikTok

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