Ghanaian News With An Emphasis On The US Cecilia Dapaah Asked The IRS And FBI To Investigate The Source Of Her Funding

An investigation into alleged $1 million in money-laundering activities involving domestic servants from Dapaah’s private estate has been requested in a complaint made to numerous US government authorities.

Grace Loki, the person who filed this complaint, has questioned the ability of the Ghanaian government to conduct a fair investigation. Loki has contacted a number of US government organizations, including the DEA, Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and FBI, to ensure an impartial investigation because of these concerns about the government’s objectivity.

Loki’s initiatives are the result of her steadfast conviction that the Ghanaian government might not be able to ensure an equitable outcome. This emphasizes the necessity of a thorough IRS inquiry, especially if Dapaah has property in the US, in addition to the payment of all necessary taxes.

The scandal surrounding the case has grown as several of Dapaah’s domestic helpers are allegedly involved in the embezzlement of US$1 million, €300,000, and GH350,000.

The former minister and her spouse have also disclosed major material losses that include a variety of textiles, handbags, perfumes, jewelry, and apparel.


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