Georgia Woman Accused of Plotting to Kill Husband Complains to Police She Can’t Use Family’s Private Jet to See Lover – Crime Online

Newly released body camera footage shows the Georgia woman accused of plotting to kill her estranged husband complaining to police that he wouldn’t let her use their private jet to see her boyfriend, according to Law&Crime.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 36-year-old Lindsay Shiver was charged last month in the Bahamas with conspiring to murder her husband, 38-year-old Robert Shiver.

Authorities say she made plans with her lover, 28-year-old Terrance Bethel, to have Robert killed. Bethel and his friend, 29-year-old Farron Newbold, were also arrested in connection with alleged plot.

Police in the Bahamas discovered the planned hit while investigating a break-in at a bar on July 16, when they came upon WhatsApp messages discussing the proposed killing.

The body camera footage is from earlier that day, when Lindsay reportedly called police in Thomasville, Georgia, regarding a dispute she was having with Robert.

Four officers in three vehicles responded to the couple’s mansion and met Lindsay in the driveway.

“Living in the same house is hell on Earth, as you can imagine,” Lindsay told one officer, according to the footage, also obtained by the New York Post.

Lindsay said that Robert and the couple’s sons were planning to fly to the Bahamas, but that he did not want her to go, began unloading a vehicle and pushed her, according to the body camera recording.

“He got super aggressive and that’s when I called immediately,” Lindsay told police. “He’s been physical before, and I’m just not doing that.”

Robert denied that he pushed Lindsay and said that Lindsay had initially planned to visit Key West, Florida, with Bethel, while he and the boys were going to go to the Bahamas. However, he said Lindsay then changed plans and wanted to go with them on the flight so she could spend time with her lover there.

“And I told her I’m not supporting that,” Robert told police, according to the footage.

The officers who responded said while Robert could be charged with simple assault for the allegation of pushing Lindsay, they declined to press charges because it was a he-said-she-said situation.

One of the officers advised that given the “hostile” situation, they should separate.

The Shivers reportedly own a home in the Bahamas, which is where the affair allegedly first began. When Robert discovered the relationship, he filed for divorce in Thomas County, Georgia. They are the parents of three boys, with the youngest 4 years old.

Lindsay posted $100,000 bond last week, reportedly after Robert helped pay for it, and she was released from jail in the Bahamas. Meanwhile, Bethel and Newbold are free on $20,000 bond. The trio must wear electronic monitoring devices while their case proceeds.

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