General Hospital Fans Have a Bone to Choose With Esme’s ‘Redemption’ Story

“Esme’s presence at Cameron’s going away party isn’t exactly welcome. Can he get his friends and family to play nice?” was the caption of a ‘general hospital’ Tweeter account of a photo of Esme Prince holding baby Ace. “This party should have been a big emotional send off for Cameron instead of more pampering Esme and this crazy redemption story. My only hope is that this is some kind of misdirection and she played the whole world all this time! replied one fan, while another indignantly replied”Esme hasn’t even sincerely apologized to anyone. Her excuse is ‘I don’t remember.’ That doesn’t make her sympathetic.

An irritated spectator replied, “I don’t trust Cameron’s motives as he shared with her the plan to get her back to jail. This happened out of nowhere. I didn’t like the whole scene involving him and Esme! If it was his last hit on GH, it could have been so much better than that. Bored to tears!” One fan felt going to Cam’s party was an important step on Esme’s path to redemption, indicating”Cam being more like her grandmother Laura [Collins, played by Genie Francis] that spencer [Cassadine, played by Nicholas Chavez]Esme’s presence was awkward and intrusive BUT FOR ME a necessary gesture.

And a viewer who saw potential chemistry between Cam and Esme writing”I always thought Esme and Cameron would make a cute couple. I like that.”

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