Gabriella Gonzalez shot dead by her boyfriend Harold Lavance Thompson for an abortion

(FOX3) – According to a Dallas County arrest warrant, a man allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend after she traveled to another state to have an abortion.

The incident happened on Wednesday when Gabriella Gonzalez, 26, was found dead in a parking lot, prompting police to respond.

Surveillance footage reportedly shows Harold Lavance Thompson walking with Gonzalez just before the shooting.

While trying to put her in a chokehold, she managed to escape before Thompson fired the killing shot.

Court documents say Thompson used a gun to shoot Gonzalez in the head, after which he fired several more shots while she was on the ground, before fleeing. According to witnesses, including Gonzalez’s sister, Thompson had attempted to strangle Gonzalez before the shooting.

According to the warrant, Thompson and Gonzalez were in a romantic relationship. Court documents also reveal that there was already a domestic violence strangulation warrant against Thompson following an incident in March where Gonzalez was the victim.

Further investigation revealed that Gonzalez had traveled to Colorado to have an abortion and returned the night before. It is suspected that Thompson was the child’s father and did not want Gonzalez to have an abortion.

Thompson was arrested following the execution of a search warrant and declined to give a statement.

He was charged with murder and assault on a family/household member/impeding breathing or circulation, Dallas County Jail records show.

In his first court appearance on Thursday, Thompson was denied bail and was to be assigned a public defender, according to court records.

According to the police report, Gonzalez had three children from a previous relationship.

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