Friends Made ‘Fat Monica’ A Gag

As it turns out, some fans agree with Courteney Cox’s analysis of a young Monica Geller. On Reddit, u/GreyStagg points out that she seemed way less uptight and smiled a lot more, especially in the “Prom Video,” which is considered one of the funniest scenes on the show. There is also a two-parter episode, “The One That Could Have Been,” where the friends’ lives are very different, including Monica’s weight.

She’s portrayed as extremely happy as she dances through her apartment, something that would make the actual Monica self-conscious. However, u/sabandsalem believes that Monica is still the same person and has to be self-conscious, given her less-than-ideal childhood. “Monica turns negative patterns and trauma into productive habits that benefit her in both her personal and professional lives,” they said, concluding that Monica is a character that has her life together.

It’s also worth noting that, unlike what one would expect from a previously overweight character, Monica does not have an unhealthy relationship with food. She doesn’t struggle with that past version of herself, and she seems to have embraced it, using this passion to further her career to become a respected chef. Despite the jokes and struggles, it’s easy to see that Monica’s past has shaped who she is, and she has much to be proud of.

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