Fox News Takes Contradictory Tone With Rep. Comer Over His Biden/CCP Connection Allegations | wayne dupree

Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy called out Rep. James Comer (R-KY) for his claims that nine members of the Biden family collected settlements as part of an international influence-peddling conspiracy without providing any evidence to support for these assertions.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee called a press conference the day before Doocy’s scathing criticism to review the Bidens’ financial records, but they showed no evidence linking the Bidens to wrongdoing. The Bidens allegedly received about $10 million in wire transfers from Chinese and Romanian sources, according to the committee.

The Republican claims that the documents you were able to subpoena and obtain “leaky” financial information. They reveal that between 2015 and 2017, the president’s family received over $10 million in payments from overseas. Investigators from your party, the Republicans, say this demonstrates influence peddling by Hunter and James. However, this is just your opinion. There is no evidence to support your claim. You have evidence that points in the right direction. The second point is that Joe Biden is the only one of those names who didn’t take advantage of it, and there’s no evidence he did anything wrong.

Comer said, “We know the Bidens created these front companies in such a complicated way to try to conceal, not only the money they were getting, but also Joe’s involvement.” “We’re just at the very beginning,” one official said, “but talking to the informants we have, some of Biden’s associates that no one has heard of yet, we know that Joe Biden was actively involved, and we’re still looking for other bank documents that we believe will implicate Joe Biden’s active involvement in this ultimately.”

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