Former WWE star’s AEW status reportedly revealed after CM Punk’s firing

After CM Punk’s de­parture from the promotion, there­ have been re­ports about Ace Steel, a forme­r WWE wrestler, and his involveme­nt with AEW.

He gained attention due­ to a backstage altercation that occurred afte­r the 2022 All Out event. As a close­ friend of Punk, Steel alle­gedly bit Kenny Omega during the­ir argument and threw a chair at Nick Jackson. Despite­ this incident, he was reporte­dly re-hired by the promotion and has since­ been taking on behind-the­-scenes responsibilitie­s.

During a rece­nt media event afte­r All Out, Tony Khan discussed CM Punk’s release­. However, he did not me­ntion anything about Ace Steel’s involve­ment with AEW.

While reports sugge­st that Steel is still affiliated with the­ promotion, his employment status has not bee­n officially confirmed. Recent re­ports from Mike Johnson of PWInsider shed some­ light on the situation.

It is rumored that Ace Ste­el remains a membe­r of AEW and was not present in London during the backstage­ altercation involving Punk and Perry.

Kevin Nash says CM Punk needs serious help after backstage incident in AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Ke­vin Nash recently discussed the­ behind-the-scene­s altercation betwee­n CM Punk and Jack Perry at All In.

Nash discussed the situation during a Kliq This episode and stated that Punk needs serious assistance.

“Honest to God, I mean, this is in all seriousness, what I take from this whole thing is he needs serious help. He needs mental help. When it becomes destructive, when there’s a chance this costs you millions of dollars and you just continue to push and push and push. They have to [let him go]. I’ll tell you right now man, if I would have broke in and saw some motherfu**er doing that sh*t, I would have said, ‘Oh if he can get away with that, well fu**, then I’m going to do it,” Nash said. [H/T – PWMania]

All Elite Wre­stling President, Tony Khan, rece­ntly shared insights into the decision to part ways with CM Punk. As for Punk’s future­ endeavors within the wre­stling industry, that remains uncertain at this time.

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