Former US president criticizes Fox News, federal indictment and President Biden scandal in recent interview | wayne dupree

During an interview with Fox News host Brett Baier, the former President of the United States backed out of his support for the network. He also criticized the federal indictment of Special Counsel Jack Smith and pointed to President Biden’s own scandal over the classified documents.

Trump told Baier, “For me, sometimes The Washington Post, various people, even Fox because, you know, I’m not really a big Fox fan anymore. You’re sitting here, though,” explained the host of Fox. . Trump responded with a retort about spreading the word.

Essentially, the ex-president voiced his displeasure with Fox and its coverage, amid other political grievances.

During an interview, former US President Donald Trump compared his current situation to what it was in 2016. He said his opponents fiercely fought him then as they do now. He added that he emerged victorious in 2016 because things “changed for the better” during his tenure. Later in the same conversation, Trump brushed off Fox News’ declining ratings among independent voters.

In response, anchor Bret Baier clarified that Fox News still attracts more independent viewers than any other cable news source. Trump disagreed, saying fewer people watch the channel now than in the past. Baier countered that they watch the news on Fox, and Trump conceded that “a lot fewer” viewers are watching now than before.

Former President Trump commented on several issues during his speech, including the federal indictment of Special Counsel Jack Smith. He asserted his lead over Biden and other Republicans by up to 40 points, according to polls. Trump claimed his poll numbers were at an all-time high due to acknowledgment of the ongoing political witch hunt for what it is.

Trump’s remarks were indeed backed up by a recent Harvard/CAPS Harris poll, which found that 56% of registered voters believe the indictment is politically motivated. Interestingly, a slightly higher proportion of people think the charges involve election interference.

Additionally, the former president also cited President Biden’s controversial documents and unfair treatment of the indictment. “Want to discuss a mess? Take a look at Biden, who has 1,850 boxes — stored in Chinatown in Washington, DC, at the Penn Center, and even under and around his corvette, which has been sitting in a garage for decades. years” continues the speaker.

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