Former Republican governor slams Florida’s DeSantis campaign as one of worst to date | wayne dupree

Larry Hogan, former Republican governor of Maryland, has a negative opinion of the Republican governor of Florida and his presidential campaign.

On this week’s episode of “The Takeout,” Hogan told CBS News Major Garrett, “I think [Ron] DeSantis really underperformed.” At Mike’s Restaurant and Crabhouse in Riva, Maryland, the interview was filmed.

He fell like a rock, and I think the [DeSantis] campaign is one of the worst I’ve seen so far, according to Hogan. “I believe the end is in sight.”

Hogan calls DeSantis “smart,” but when asked to list DeSantis’ mistakes, he didn’t mince words: “He just doesn’t communicate with people,” “It’s not not a good activist” and “Not a good debater”.

DeSantis “seems to only want to talk about revival,” according to Hogan. And I believe that’s a factor in why his campaign is performing so poorly, or, you know, so drastically below expectations.

Requests for comment from the Desantis campaign went unanswered. “Who is Larry Hogan,” tweeted a DeSantis campaign official named Carly Atchison.

Hogan led the National Governors Association in 2020 while serving two terms as governor of Maryland. He is frequently mentioned as a potential 2024 presidential candidate, but he recently said he has no interest in running for his party’s nomination.

But Hogan isn’t ruling out a third-party race if Vice President Biden and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump are the main contenders in 2016. Hogan added that he would only run for the top of the ticket and not as a candidate. to the Vice Presidency, adding that you should always leave the door open in an emergency in order to break the glass.

Hogan praised Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson, two former governors, for criticizing Trump, who was charged with 37 federal offenses earlier this month. “They treat it more seriously and are more willing to speak up than others. However, the rest of [the GOP primary field] lack of courage. They are reluctant to speak out. That was the problem, according to Hogan.

Election denial is bad for the Republican Party, according to Hogan, who criticized Trump for continuing to question the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. “It’s bad morally, but it’s also a sure way to lose the election,” he said.

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